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Drupal-Agentur, Webdesign und Drupalentwicklung undpaul GmbH | Managing obsolete modules

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Drupal-Agentur, Webdesign und Drupalentwicklung undpaul GmbH | Managing obsolete modules:

In projects that have grown for several months and no-one had a look at the modules directory, it will be very painful and time intense to remove those obsolete modules. To ease such tasks in the development workflow, we created the Master module some time ago. With the latest release of Master, we have also introduced a new command to assist you in finding the modules you really don’t need anymore in your directory.

Filtering and sorting on Webform data in Views (Drupal)

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Webform 7-4 has some big improvements, one of which is the ability to access webform submission data through Views and create custom blocks and pages that pull data users have submitted on a form on your site. One snag I ran into was trying to filter and sort these views based on submitted data, but there’s an easy solution. I just had to find it.

Quicksketch reveals: “You have to add a relationship for Webform Data first, then the filters and sorts become available.”

Forcing IE "Edge Mode" or Chrome Frame

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Forcing IE "Edge Mode" or Chrome Frame:

In some cases Internet Explorer uses may accidently hit the compatibility mode button in their browser, causing them to see the site in a dated rendering engine (most often internet explorer 7). The most common way of fixing this is to set a header. In Drupal if you would like to force edge mode for internet explorer you can use the following snippet…

Everything That You Know About Spam Is Wrong

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Everything That You Know About Spam Is Wrong:

“…my understanding that [how the large mail services identify Spam emails] was based primarily on keywords, number of links and bulk traits is really out of date.  While every mail service has their own methods, the large ones, like GMail and Yahoo!, are doing big data analysis and establishing sender reputations based on how often their emails are actually opened and/or read. You probably have a sender score, and you want it to be a good one.”