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Blekko and other SEO tips from 2010

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As we enter this new year, it's helpful to look back on some of the things that we learned about SEO last year. Thanks to SEO Moz for putting a bunch of them together in a Christmas-themed video from the last week or two, summarized below. I'm pulling out Blekko for a focus since it has so much potential as a helpful SEO tool.

Blekko is a search engine that opens up much of the data it uses to calculate rank directly to the searcher, as well as giving much more control about which sources are included in the search or how they are sorted. The SEO data is most relevant to this post, accessible via "slash tags" such as "/seo" , "/links" and "/rank". You can also click on the SEO link on any search result to find detailed statistics, such as inbound links, crawl stats, and more, or to compare the site against another. Go ahead and give it a try.

The Blekko intro video is included if you want to find out more about the basics of Blekko.

More about Blekko

Search Engine Land has a detailed article about Blekko:

Blekko, Bing & How Facebook Likes Are Changing Search
"...Blekko now gives users three ways to search: default web results, slashtags (human/expert curation) and Likes. But the addition of the Social Graph API data gives Blekko a larger and more “accessible” story to tell as it tries to answer the “why” question for mainstream searchers: why should I use Blekko? The answer is now: because you can find sites your friends have recommended..."

More on this at TechCrunch:

Blekko Goes Social, Now Lets You Search Sites Your Friends Have ‘Liked’ On Facebook: "We think having the insight of your friends directly into your search results does make search better,” Markson emphasizes. “There’s a real person behind the Facebook accounts, when they ‘Like’ something it’s not just a machine ‘Liking’ it but a human,” adds Skrenta. Maybe they’re right? Perhaps friendship is greatest spam filter there is."


Some SEO tips from 2010

Below are a number of tips pulled from a collection put together by SEO Moz, which contains a video and transcript for more depth on these:

  • Search is here to stay (current signs indicate search is not giving way to social media)
  • Social and search are interconnected (especially Twitter and Facebook)
  • Mentions can trigger crawling and indexing (even if the news items don't link to you)
  • Bing and Yahoo are not a Google killer (it's about 70%-30% for Google vs. Bing/Yahoo)
  • New search engines are still emerging (such as Blekko and DuckDuckGo)
  • Google is very intent on competing in the local space
  • Alternative data sources are going to be found for what's gone missing with Yahoo and Yahoo Sites bar
  • Google is still struggling, struggling hard, against link spam manipulation
  • Google is very intent on competing in the local space