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Leap of Reason

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Leap of Reason

Leap of Reason (by Mario Morino)

Be sure to check out "Leap of Reason", the new release from Mario Morino and Venture Philanthropy Partners, presenting "a candid indictment of the state of 'outcomes assessment' in the social sector." Congratulations to all of those involved!Here's a short write-up from VPP:

Mario Morino, McKinsey & Company, and a host of notable nonprofit leaders have collaborated on a new book that presents a candid indictment of the state of “outcomes assessment” in the social sector. “We funders need to help our grantees define, create, and use the information they need to be disciplined managers,” says Morino, “rather than foisting unfunded, often simplistic, self-serving mandates on our grantees.”

The authors of Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity offer practical advice for nonprofits and funders seeking management approaches that complement heart with head, passion with information.

The need for the successful management approaches they highlight will only increase in the decade ahead. As budget pressures mount at the federal, state, and local levels, nonprofits will require better data to help them adapt to dramatically changing needs and expectations and compete effectively for funding. Intense budget pressures will lead to an increasing migration of public and private funders from organizations with stirring stories alone, toward well-managed organizations that can demonstrate meaningful impact.

To get a copy of the book for printing or reading on a computer, iPad, or Kindle, visit leapofreason.org.

Kudos, also, for their generous gift in terms of copyright permissions and distribution allowances:

The book’s authors and publisher have produced this book with the goal of seeking the broadest possible dissemination of these ideas among social-sector leaders and those who support them. All of the authors contributed their essays and insights without compensation. And the publisher’s copyright notice encourages and grants permission for the distribution and reproduction of copies of this work for non-commercial purposes.

The Economist mentions the book in a recent review:

For Mr Morino, a pioneer of “venture philanthropy”, in which the donor works closely to build up the non-profits he supports, one of the key lessons is for philanthropists and non-profits to be clear about the outcomes they are trying to achieve— and to measure properly the progress they are making towards those goals. He is the first to admit that measuring the right thing is not easy, and he has wasted money by measuring the wrong things. Yet far too many philanthropists and non-profits shy away from setting goals and measuring progress. As a result they condemn themselves to ineffectiveness. This must change if philanthropy and the non-profit sector it helps to fund is to achieve the “quantum leap” in effectiveness that he believes is an urgent priority. As he says, “the time to dramatically improve our collective impact is now, when we are needed most.”