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Non Profit Logo Questionnaire / Design Brief

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We've prepared a logo questionnaire for non-profits that need to have a logo designed (or re-designed). If you need some help brainstorming, take a look at the questions we ask and see if they are helpful. As designers, having this information at the start of a project will help not only provide you with a more accurate cost estimate, but will ensure that we are designing according to your specifications and that the end result is better matched to your organizational needs.

Questions to consider for a non-profit logo design (or redesign)

  1. Organizational background/summary and important information. Tell us about your non-profit and give us a summary of important facts and history.
  2. What adjectives or short descriptions would you use to describe your organization? What are the words most often used to describe your organization to the general public?
  3. What images come to mind when you think of your organization, if any?
  4. What are you currently using for a logo or mark? Please include a sample, as well as specific requirements or preferences in terms of a tagline, imagery, and/or logotype.
  5. What is your primary objective for the logo design or redesign? What prompted you to contact us at this point in time? If this is a redesign, provide instruction on your intentions for the old/current design (e.g. completely new design, or re-fresh existing logo).
  6. What impression do you want others to have about your organization when they see your logo? (e.g. strong, capable, youthful, professional, vibrant, artistic, etc.) Who is your primary target audience?
  7. What colors do you associate with your organization, and what is the background on their use and/or meaning? (Include specific Pantone numbers if you have them.)
  8. Find examples of logos you like and dislike, and describe what it is about them that you like or dislike. (These are not to copy from, but to give us a better sense of what you are looking for, and will usually jump start the process). Attach copies if possible.
  9. If you have specific budget or scheduling requirements for this project, please indicate it here.

We've provided these questions in Open Document Format and Word below. If you are ready to submit your brief for a project estimate, you can attach it to this project enquiry form.