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Stuart Center and CEDC Move to Wind Power

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Stuart Center and CEDC Move to Wind Power

The Stuart Center is proud to announce that through the partnership with the Nonprofit Energy Alliance, a program of the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, longtime partner of the Center for Educational Design and Communication.  Through the NEA, the we decided to change the energy supply for the entire building over to 100% wind power, as certified by Clean Currents, a company that seeks to enable, "businesses to make responsible choices that protect their bottom line while reducing their environmental impact." We are grateful to both the Nonprofit Rountable and Clean Currents for providing this partnership to their members, and are excited about the environmental impact of this change.  

Using the building's electricity usage from the previous 12 months and the carbon footprint calculator found at Renewable Choice, we were able to determine that the change to 100% wind power will result in a carbon footprint reduction equal to nine households yearly electricity avoided or six hundred and forty-four fully mature trees being planted.  We take joy in this decision, but also see it as part of our responsibility to live out the call to environmental justice in our work and mission at the Stuart Center.  As 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Matthai said, "We have a responsibility to protect the rights of generations, of all species, that cannot speak for themselves today.The global challenge of climate change requires that we ask no less of our leaders, or ourselves."

Through the partnership with the Nonprofit Energy Alliance, we become a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership, a network of over 1,400 businesses nationwide that are seeking to take steps to mitigate the impact of their energy use by converting to renewable sources of power.  Members include everyone from small Nonprofits such as Stuart Center, educational institutions like the City University of New York and the University of Pennsylvania, and many large corporations like Sony and Whole Foods. 

Please join us in finding ways to reduce your own energy usage, so we can all be better stewards of a more sustainable planet!