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Simple DIY Live Event Broadcasting (UStream)

Submitted by cedc on

Live streaming an event used to be a major investment of time and money. These days, if you want a simple, do-it-yourself option to stream an event, you can be streaming in short order. You'll still want to invest the time to test and make sure your setup is working well, and probably to integrate the folks that are on the other end of the stream into the event somehow (perhaps through a special Twitter hashtag or by inviting emails). UStream even has mobile apps to allow you to broadcast from your phone, or to allow your viewers to watch on their phones!

The basics of non-profit SEO, part 10: Spoonfeed the search engines what you want them to eat (using sitemaps)

Submitted by laryn on

There are two types of sitemaps -- those primarily for your human visitors and those that are for your search engine robot visitors. Both types of sitemap provide a summary of content on the site in the form of links, and both can provide some SEO value if you build your internal links correctly. I'll focus primarily on the latter in this post, which are often referred to as XML Sitemaps and are supported by all the major search engines.

Celebrating the Life of Kit Collins, rscj

Submitted by cedc on

On Thursday March 18, 2010, Sister Kit Collins passed away at her home in Washington, DC. She lived her life as an advocate for the poor, a champion of justice, and a true example of the expansive and unconditional love of Christ. Through her ministry in education and at the Center for Educational Design and Communication, she touched innumerable lives, making the world a better place for all those who crossed her path. Share a Kit story here.

How to find images for your non-profit blog or project (free or low cost)

Submitted by laryn on

If your non-profit has a blog, you may need imagery periodically to illustrate a post. Here are a few resources to help you locate free (or low cost) imagery. (They can potentially also help with other projects, but make sure that you don't use an image just because it is free when you can find another image that would make a campaign or advertisement much more effective).