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Friendship school students meet President Obama

Submitted by jeannine on

On March 24th, President Obama placed a phone call to the astronauts on the International Space Station and Friendship School students were there! Friendship Public Charter School has been a long-time parter with CEDC and we were excited to read that some middle school students from Friendship were invited to be present during the phone call.

The Basics of Non-Profit SEO, Part 5: Accessibility and clean code

Submitted by laryn on

As you design your site and add content, you should be considering best practices for users who are visually impaired or who browse with screen readers. It is fortunate that much of the basic advice regarding accessibility can also help with search engine optimization. "Google is blind" is a phrase you hear a lot in introductory SEO circles.

The Basics of Non-Profit SEO, Part 4: Good Content and the Long Tail

Submitted by laryn on

Continuing our series of SEO tips, we come to what is probably the most important of all: add good content to the site, and add it regularly. You are developing this site for people, not for search engine robots, so make sure that the content will draw people in. (Luckily, good content is also helpful for those search engine robots.)

The Basics of Non-Profit SEO, Part 3: External links

Submitted by laryn on

Following up on the last tip about internal linking, it makes sense that external links are also important to your search engine optimization strategy. These are links from sites other than your own and in general, the more the better, assuming the links are coming from reputable sites and with some caveats listed below. One way to think of this is that search engines consider a link from one site to another as a vote of confidence.

Add CEDC banners to your website or blog

Submitted by laryn on

In addition to the Facebook page and the search engine optimization we're working on, we're still interested in good old-fashioned ways of getting in front of more eyeballs. If you are willing to help spread the word about CEDC, we'd be grateful. We've prepared a number of badges and banners in various sizes for anyone's use to link back to us from their blog or website.

The Basics of Non-Profit SEO, Part 1: Keywords and Keyphrases

Submitted by laryn on

As you are creating your website, you are probably interested in making it easier for your audience to find it. This post will be the first in a series of posts with some quick and easy tips to help your site rise in the search results on keywords and keyphrases which relate to your organization and the information available on your website.

Donating your old computer for re-use

Donating your old computer for re-use

Submitted by cedc on

We have a volunteer-run program to take computers that are donated to us and make minor updates to ready them for use by groups that fall under our mission.  We give them away for free to these groups. We only accept functioning and relatively recent computers since we don't often have volunteers to actually go through and rebuild the machines from the ground up.

Here are a few statistics about getting a refurb (or continuing to use the computer you currently have):