Nonprofit Design by CEDC


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PARTNER: Center of Concern (COC)
PROJECT TYPE: Nonprofit Web Design | Drupal
OTHER TAGS: Catholic Social Teaching | Catholic

The Center of Concern (COC) recently partnered with us to refresh their website both visually (with an updated look and feel) as well as underneath the hood (with a more powerful content management system).

The new site helps to organize their content resources, improving on the usability of the existing site and updating the look and feel to match the new identity package we had developed with them. We did some custom coding to allow resource library functionality that helps pinpoint material from the specific projects and types of content. Multiple users were set up to allow each project to have the functionality required to add or edit their own content and tag it appropriately. The tagging system allows users to find associated content items which address similar themes and is helpful for both live users and for search engine indexing.

Mar 15, 2008