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Centurion's Shield/Cup/Purse/Sword

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PARTNER: Centurion's Guild
PROJECT TYPE: Identity | Logo
OTHER TAGS: Ade Bethune | Woodcut

This logo for Centurion's Shield was designed to be expandable to a number of other programs that were planned for the future. (Centurion's Shield is "a nonprofit corporation seeking to support and defend prospective, current, and former service members and to bear true faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ." Read more) Each mark incorporates the chi rho symbol and is in a woodcut style as a nod to Ade Bethune and the Catholic Workers (example).

The four marks represent Centurion's Shield (the overarching project) and three sub-programs: Centurion's Sword, Centurion's Purse, and Centurion's Cup.

Feb 4, 2008