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David Cameron's Farcebook Page

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David CameronDavid Cameron
PARTNER: Avaaz.org
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Avaaz.org today released poll results regarding whether Palestinians should have the right to their own state, in the opinion of citizens in Germany, France, and the UK. In conjunction with this, they are "installing a 20 metre (four-story) high giant Palestinian flag outside the European Council, delivering a 913,171 signature-strong petition, and will run a full page ad in The Guardian calling for European action."

We designed the ad that is running today in the Guardian -- an imagined snapshot of Heads of State on social media. Click the thumbnail for a larger version of our vision of David Cameron's page (including a variation -- with a "Farcebook" header -- that required modification from the paper). The main text of the ad is below, and the original campaign is here.

David Cameron: HELP! Brits want me to recognise Palestine - should we do it EU?

Angela Merkel: OMG! 76% of Germans think I should do it! Sarko my dear what do you think?

Nicolas Sarkozy: Mon Dieu! 69% of my people too! Hey guys, this is the Arab Spring - we backed it in Libya and Egypt, we’ve got to move on Palestine!

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero: Way ahead of you people -- we recognised already! AY AY AY AY! 40 years of occupation -- this is the only way to peace.

Democracy and freedom are on the march across the Middle East, but the Palestinians still do not have their own state. Today, Europe's Foreign Ministers are meeting in Brussels to decide if they will support a Palestinian bid to be recognised at the UN.

In a poll last week 59% of British, 69% of French and 76% of German people said they want their governments to support a Palestinian state at the UN now. And 912,671 people from across the world have signed this petition at Avaaz.org to Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy: "We call on you to endorse the legitimate bid for recognition of the state of Palestine and the reaffirmation of the rights of the Palestinian people. It is time to turn the tide on decades of failed peace talks, end the occupation and move towards peace based on two states."

Sep 12, 2011