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Faith Farm Teams Action Alert: A Fair Harvest

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Faith Farm Teams Action Alert: A Fair HarvestFaith Farm Teams Action Alert: A Fair Harvest
PARTNER: ELCA | Episcopal Church | PCUSA | UMC-GBCS | United Church of Christ
PROJECT TYPE: Print Design | Flyer
OTHER TAGS: Food | Fair Harvest | Faith | Congress

The five mainline denominations (The Episcopal Church, ELCA, PCUSA, United Methodist Church - General Board of Church and Society, and United Church of Christ) came together to call for "A Fair Harvest" during discussion surrounding the U.S. Farm Bill. We helped with the design of an action alert that went out to churches.

Here is some of the text of the alert:

Inspired by Jesus' command to care for poor and hungry people, Christians are organizing throughout the country to advocate for changes in U.S. agricultural policy that benefit family farmers, hungry neighbors, God’s creation, and people living in poverty around the world.

This year, Congress will rewrite the U.S. Farm Bill, a comprehensive law that governs U.S. agricultural, food, and farmland policies. Our nation’s current system of cash payments for some farmers benefits primarily large agricultural producers while leaving behind most small and medium-sized farm families. The present commodity-payment system also hurts struggling farmers in poor countries and fuels the poverty that claims 30,000 lives a day around the world.

Your voice is needed to compel the Senate to make meaningful changes in current farm policies. Over the summer, the House of Representatives passed a bill that largely continues the current system. The burden for passing fair farm policies now moves to the Senate, which will act this fall.

Join other people of faith in advocating for a Farm Bill that is fair to small and mid-sized farmers in the US, supports nutrition and conservation programs, and does not hurt poor farmers struggling to make a living around the world. Join A Fair Harvest Postcard Campaign and help us create fair farm policy that helps farmers and promotes the common good.

Sep 1, 2007