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Social Justice Philanthropy Collaborative logo

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Social Justice Philanthropy Collaborative logoSocial Justice Philanthropy Collaborative logo
PARTNER: Social Justice Philanthropy Collaborative
PROJECT TYPE: Identity | Logo
OTHER TAGS: Philanthropy

The Social Justice Philanthropy Collaborative (SJPC) logo is based around concepts that came out of our initial discussions and the logo questionnaire that we provided for them to fill out. It was built around themes such as movement/circular motion, collaboration, and growth.

Some of the early concept drafts are also included in the image library to provide perspective on the development that occurred and the thinking that went into the mark.

Background on the early concepts:

  • Multiple arrows pointing inwards for the "direction" theme, negative space inside middle in some drafts forming a compass shape for “navigation,” while some of the arrow groups also form a gear shape to suggest movement/getting things moving.
  • Spiral made up of multiple segments (movement and collaboration), also suggesting a top view of a flower (growth).
  • Intersecting circles / "coalition" with emphasis on area where all three circles meet, which also suggests leaves and "growth."
Mar 1, 2008