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Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org)

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Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org)Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org)Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org)
PARTNER: Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE)
PROJECT TYPE: Nonprofit Web Design | Drupal | Custom development
OTHER TAGS: Education | Catholic | CiviCRM | Omega subtheme | Google maps | Adaptive layout | Adaptive design | Responsive web design | Mobile Friendly

SOFIE (Schools Online For Interactive Education) is the website of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. It serves as an information point about the association of twenty-one Sacred Heart schools across the United States, including clickable maps and information about the schools, as well as frequently updated news and events.

The site was rebuilt from a Joomla installation, taking advantage of some core Drupal capabilities such as automated image manipulation and taxonomy. This means that the site administrators to upload large images and have the website crop and resize for various displays and uses, and can tag news and events to the appropriate schools very quickly and easily.

We built a custom module to integrate the Google Maps API and tie it in to the CiviCRM data in a variety of ways. Previously SOFIE staff had to work on their data in a variety of places and ways, and our goal was to centralize their data in one spot to minimize the handling of the information and wasted effort. Instead of emailing their contacts to ask them to check their school's page, then get a response, then enter the changes in their spreadsheet and update the school's page on the website, we now pull the data directly from CiviCRM and allow administrators to update the contact records very quickly and simply from the front end, pushing the data back to CiviCRM.

We used the Omega subtheme for its responsive capabilities -- the site adapts to the width of the screen that is available and displays appropriately on mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers on a variety of platforms.

Click through the images above, or else feel free to view the very short walk-through video we recording to show some of these features (see below).

UPDATE:Sofie.org was nominated for a Blue Drop Award!

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Mar 22, 2012