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PARTNER: Sprout Creek Farm
PROJECT TYPE: Nonprofit Web Design | Drupal | Custom development

Sprout Creek Farm is a functioning educational farm that produces award-winning artisan cheeses in addition to its educational programming. We've recently worked with them to streamline their website and the way they manage donations, registrations, cheese sales, and contact data. We tried to provide an on-ramp to the life of the Farm as much as possible via a short background video on the homepage as well as by featuring their incredible library photos in the background on interior pages. Click around the site to get a sense of the place (and visit in person when you can).

Previously, registrations for events and camps were handled through EventBrite and PDF or hard-copy registration forms. Cheese was sold online but the store didn't function smoothly. There was no way to cross-reference who had attended which events or made a donation to the Farm. When people wanted to book the cottage on-site, they had to call back (and sometimes keep calling back) to place a reservation with the person in charge of that facility.

We helped move all of these processes into a more centralized form in the new website. We chose Drupal and CiviCRM because they integrate so well and the Sprout Creek site now allows online purchasing of cheese and store products, event calendar and registration, cottage reservations. For those that prefer to buy the cheese in person rather than online, we also built an integrated Google map that plots locations of retail stores that sell SCF cheeses.

The addition of CiviCRM introduces a new contact management capability to Sprout Creek's process, allowing them to easily see basic contact information but also more detailed information, such as which events a contact has attended, whether they are donors, which lists they have subscribed to.

The site has come online in time to help them as they try to reach a 2:1 Challenge Match (more info and donate here) and has helped them reach “record high sales in Christmas Gift Boxes” this year.

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Dec 21, 2015


Working with you has been nothing short of a dream, and I not only feel proud when people remark so positively about the site, but also relieved because it’s a working site, dynamic, and compelling, and as close to the experience of the farm as can be possible without a scratch and sniff version!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for us.

  –Margo Morris, Sprout Creek Farm

Working with Laryn at the CEDC was a pleasure. He listened to our needs and they designed a web site beyond our expectations. He kept us informed throughout the project and gave tutorials to help us understand the administrative side of our new site. The whole experience was wonderful and we have received many compliments regarding the new site.

  –Jo McFayden, Sprout Creek Farm