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'What are we waiting for?' and 'WANTED' - Congo advertisements

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PARTNER: Avaaz.org
PROJECT TYPE: Print Design | Advertisement
OTHER TAGS: Gordon Brown | Congo

We helped design an Avaaz campaign advertisement targeting Gordon Brown and David Miliband of the UK, encouraging them to "support a neutral EU force to protect Congo's civilians." Shortly after, Avaaz sent out an email describing how "[the UK] Africa minister called us immediately, and their position has shifted -- the UK has moved toward supporting a European force!"

Avaaz moved quickly to "take this effective ad campaign Europe-wide -- placing ads in influential newspapers in key deciding countries." They prepared derivative ads with a "WANTED" poster theme, which we worked to prepare for tight deadlines: a line-up of European foreign ministers and a version that ran in French and Flemish in Belgium. Since the timeline was so tight, to meet the deadline (5am our time) we had to design in English and send the raw files to someone in Europe, so that the translations could be dropped in after they had been prepared.

"What are we waiting for: Genocide?" ran full page in the Times of London.
"WANTED: Who will protect Congo's civilians?" (foreign ministers version) ran full page in the European Voice.
"WANTED: Who will protect Congo's civilians?" (Belgium version) ran full page in La Libre and De Morgen.

Dec 4, 2008