Nonprofit Design by CEDC


Joomla!We use a number of open source solutions in our web design for our nonprofit partners. Joomla! is a powerful open source content management system that we use. It allows us to design the site and set it up using Joomla!, giving control of the site to our nonprofit partners even if their staff are not technically trained. They simply log in through a friendly interface to update the site.

Note: CEDC is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project. It is not supported or warranted by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla! logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

See below for a sampling of some of the sites we've developed in Joomla!:

Nonprofit Roundtable Nonprofit Roundtable

We worked with our longtime partner, Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington*, to redesign their website and prepare a template to function in the Nonprofit Soapbox+ service they had decided to use. We worked together with the team at PicNet to get the site ready to go, with CEDC handling most of the design-related tasks and template creation, and PicNet handling most of the Soapbox- and server-related functionality and the Salesforce integration.

Festival Center website Festival Center website

Before coming to CEDC for a website redesign, Festival Center had a site about their main program, the Servant Leadership School. They wanted the new site to feature the Center itself, draw people to the school, and also encourage them to rent space at the Center. They liked the ability to do their own editing and to add new articles on their own.

Africa Faith and Justice Network Africa Faith and Justice Network

We recently helped Africa Faith and Justice Network refresh the website that we helped them develop back in 2006. The site allows them to manage their news items and events, as well as donations, subscribtions and advocacy email blasts through integration with Democracy in Action. The photos in the rotating headers are courtesy of CRS and we've also integrated some subtle African textures into the background.

RSCJ International RSCJ International

The static HTML site we had helped the Sisters of the Sacred Heart build years earlier had grown to such a point that we began looking for an easier way to manage the content. The site is largely translated into three languages (French, Spanish, and English) and so each update was requiring much more effort than was necessary.

Families’ and Children’s AIDS Network (FCAN) Families’ and Children’s AIDS Network (FCAN)

FCAN's website was out of date and hard to manage. We worked with them to create a simply designed site that was restructured and which could be updated through a web browser. We went with a simple red and black color scheme to match the colors of their logo and set up a number of online registration forms to help make the process of accepting applications easier.

Washington Child Development Council Washington Child Development Council

The Washington Child Development Council needed a site refresh so we took their old site and developed a cleaner, updated look and feel, retaining echoes of the old look for continuity. We developed the site in a content management system so that they can take control of the content and fulfilled their desire for some movement by integrating a subtle Flash header which is dynamic but not in-your-face. NOTE: This site is no longer live in this format.

AANNExchange.org AANNExchange.org

This site had AJAX rotation on front page news items and a random header image. The front page was a separate template with larger images -- internally the header shrunk to allow content to stay closer to the top. NOTE: This site is no longer live in this format.

Seekerschurch.org Seekerschurch.org

In 1991 a member of Seekers Church designed a web site that featured all of their sermons, liturgies and core documents. The content was highly regarded by pastors around the world but by 2007 the design needed to be modernized. CEDC used the Joomla content management system (CMS) to design a new site reorganizing the old content and adding new features like "Meet a Seeker" and a gallery of Seekers' art.

Ballou STAY Ballou STAY

Ballou STAY needed a simple website as a place to provide information about their school and their offerings, with the ability to potentially expand in the future with a password-protected area for students and teachers. We designed a site for them and developed it in a CMS that would both allow them to control their content now as well as expand the site's capabilities easily in the future. NOTE: This site has gone offline and is no longer available in this format.

Living Wages Living Wages

Living Wages needed a website that would be visually appealing and would provide an area for information and for news updates and photos. It was also important that one of their devoted volunteers could manage the site and add the content.