Nonprofit Design by CEDC


We use a number of open source solutions in our web design for our nonprofit partners. For some years we used Joomla! in our development, although in recent years we've focused on Backdrop and Drupal as our CMS's of choice. We do still occasionally help groups that have Joomla sites with particular tasks, although we don't develop new sites in Joomla anymore.

Nonprofit Roundtable Nonprofit Roundtable

We worked with our longtime partner, Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, to redesign their website and prepare a template to function in the Nonprofit Soapbox service they had decided to use. We worked together with the team at PicNet to get the site ready to go, with CEDC handling most of the design-related tasks and template creation, and PicNet handling most of the Soapbox- and server-related functionality and the Salesforce integration.