Nonprofit Design by CEDC

Nonprofit graphic design

Organizations of all sizes want to put forward a professional appearance and inspire confidence rather than coming across as disorganized or sloppy. Make a positive first impression and carry your image and branding through all of your public-facing materials. CEDC can help with everything from save the date cards, brochures, and magazines to annual reports and books.

See below for selections of the print design that we've done. Feel free to explore using the tags within each project (by partner, by the type of project, or by relevant issue topics). We also do nonprofit web development and logo design.

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Living Peace, Fall 2012
Climate Wars (interior spread)
One Trillion Dirty Dollars
Elections Not Auctions Logo
Electronic Invite
Current design of InFormation
Kingsbury Day School (Front panel)
5 Banners to be hung on driveway at Convent of the Sacred Heart Greenwich
Inspiring Women Benefit - Logo
COC Annual Report (Cover)
CEO Report (front)
Civic Spirit (Cover)
The Women's Center - Winter 2010 program calendar
Maryknoll Report on Public-Private Partnerships - Cover
Love China Love [ Darfur | Tibet | Burma ]
Donor Handbook (cover)
Avaaz Christmas Card to Uganda
Giving Voice (cover)
Lula (Brazil): Sakineh's Life is in Your Hands
Save the date
Enought For All Issue #2 (cover)
Save the date postcard (front) 2007
Olympic Handshake
Voting for the Common Good (cover)
Tanabata ad (detail)
We are all Neda (design)
Ceasefire Campaign "Memo" ad
Jubilee Housing 2006 Annual Report (front cover)
Original version (Farcebook header)
Women's Center Holiday Card (2010)
Trick... or Treaty? (Detail)
CWS Placemat 2012
TckTckTck ad (detail)
the Cli-matrix
Kingsbury Day School Annual Report (cover)
Faith Farm Teams: A Fair Harvest action alert (front)
Mentors Inc 'Helping Spirits Soar' Save the Date Postcard (front)
Peace vs. Justice? and Bush-Bashir ads, run in Africa
Detail of graphic at top of page
Bridges special edition (cover)
Avaaz Congo ads for Europe
Bali Ad (detail)
Detail of graphic at top of page
Katrina Open Arms Fund Report - cover
Non-partisan voter's guide (front)
CFNCR Annual Report - Cover
Front Cover: Bridges Fall/Winter 08/09
Witness for Peace Newsletter (front)
Just Neighbors Pocket Brochure (cover)
PRE brochure (front and back / 2 panels)
Academic design guide