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Nonprofit web design

Web design, by a nonprofit and for nonprofits. We are flexible and structure the project around the needs and the budget of the individual organization -- we do everything from simple starter sites and social media pointers to complex, custom sites that are built from the ground up. We work in partnership with nonprofits to determine needed content types, design a new sitemap and draw up wireframes before we start on the design. After the structural underpinnings are determined, we develop a new look and feel based on conversation and research, taking into account desired style, organizational colors, and priority. From there we convert the look and feel into code and integrate it into a content management system (CMS) which we choose based on the organization's website needs, since each CMS has its own pro's and con's. (Typically we build in Backdrop or Drupal as our CMS and CiviCRM as our CRM of choice, however we are open to alternatives if the project calls for it -- such as a simple, "brochure-style" website in Wordpress).

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