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Center of Concern (COC)

The 1971 founding of the Center of Concern in Washington DC was supported and sponsored by the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits) at a time of re-awakening to the gospel imperative to work for Social Justice. Since then, the Center of Concern has offered moral vision and provided effective leadership in the struggle to end hunger, poverty, environmental decline, and injustice in the United States and around the world. The Center of Concern has not only NGO, but also Consultative Status with the UN. It has also become home to The International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN) and the International Jesuit Network for Development (IJND). For over thirty years, the Center of Concern has been enabling individuals, organizations and coalitions:

  1. to explore and analyze the global issues and social structures from an ethical perspective based on Catholic Social Teaching;
  2. to become involved in strategies and projects that promote the good of the entire global community and the integrity of every individual.

For many years, the Center of Concern and CEDC – sharing common values, have had a productive partnership in developing communication strategies, and putting the tools of comunication at the service of effective social change. That partnership even led, at one point, to a video production team from CEDC capturing the first actual UN Social Development Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Such strategic materials for educational and action purposed incuded: reports, banners, logo, Annual Reports, and a Journal for Wisdom Seeks Her Way which was part of the Energies for Social Transformation Series.

Education For Justice Education For Justice

The Education For Justice project has an expansive membership-based website chock full of prepared resources related to Catholic Social Teaching for educators. In November of 2007 we helped them port their site over to Drupal from a proprietary CMS which was not user-friendly. Although they had great content, it was hard to organize it well in the restrictive and clunky system they were tied in to. Recently, we've given the site another major update.

COC.org COC.org

The Center of Concern (COC) recently partnered with us to refresh their website both visually (with an updated look and feel) as well as underneath the hood (with a more powerful content management system).

COC Annual Report COC Annual Report

Center of Concern wanted to bring their new more youthful, organizational look to their annual report, a publication that CEDC has worked on for many years. With the new look in mind, CEDC changed up their normal layout, creating a horizontal based design, and used the “brushstroke” rough edge from their logo as a repeatable graphic element to help frame the page and bring in a bit of the movement felt in the logo.

Center Focus Center Focus

Center of Concern wanted to bring their new more youthful, organizational look to their newsletter Center Focus which in the past had been designed in-house. In keeping with the new look, CEDC designed a clean, bright, bold masthead that incorporated the rough “brushstroke” used on their logo. A clean 4-column grid layout was designed; and typography and color were kept consistent with the COC logo.