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Kingsbury actively engages in research and practice to define leading-edge education and assessment of individuals with learning disabilities. Building on this foundation, Kingsbury educates children and adults with learning disabilities in a supportive environment of personalized teaching and instructs educational professionals in pedagogical best practices.

Kingsbury Day School Brochure Kingsbury Day School Brochure

Kingsbury Day School needed a professional brochure to pass around to interested families to give a sense of their unique learning environment. We created a striking, eight-panel gate fold brochure (when you open the brochure, the two interior panels both open outwards, one to the right and one to the left, like double doors, revealing the four panels of the inner spread). This project was printed in full color.

We were fortunate to have a pool of wonderful photos to work from, taken by Hyon Smith.

Kingsbury Day School Annual Report Kingsbury Day School Annual Report

Kingsbury requested an annual report that would tie in the colors and photos used in the brochure we designed for them. They wanted an affordable design to highlight their programs and thank their many supporters.

Full color cover with 2 color interior.