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LSNV (Legal Services of Northern Virginia)

Legal Services of Northern Virginia is a full service, nonprofit law firm that serves clients throughout Northern Virginia ... The mission of Legal Services of Northern Virginia is to provide free, high quality legal assistance to elderly, disabled, or low-income individuals and families who face the loss of a critical need such as personal safety, income, housing, medical benefits, education or family stability. LSNV seeks to provide equal access to the civil justice system for those residents of the City of Alexandria, the Counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William and the cities and towns adjacent to those counties, who are unable to afford private legal counsel.

LSNV logo LSNV logo

The Legal Services of Northern Virginia logo includes stylized people that also resemble an architectural pillar such as you would find on a courthouse to depict both the people they serve and the work that they do for them.