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Lynching Sites Project of Memphis

The Lynching Sites Project is part of a growing network of citizens who want the whole and accurate truth to be told about the history of Shelby County. We believe that we can heal and grow in understanding when we face openly the history of racial violence in our community.

Lynching Sites Project of Memphis logo Lynching Sites Project of Memphis logo

After an initial logo process concluded that the group felt more comfortable staying away from explicit lynching imagery such as ropes and trees, we developed a clean and simple logo that references the location-based work the project is doing in identifying and memorializing the locations of past lynchings, and which also still implies the violence of these events in the form of a drop of blood.

LynchingSitesMem.org LynchingSitesMem.org

The Lynching Sites Project of Memphis is a network of people seeking to, in the words of Ida B. Wells, "shine the light of truth" on past wrongs with the expectation that being honest about the past will allow us to better understand the present and begin to heal. The website is one of the primary public faces that the project has to display their research on past lynchings via an interactive map, articles, and scans of archival material.