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Religious of the Sacred Heart, International

"...From the contemplation of the open heart of Jesus we draw the power that inspires us to live in communion with all people, to bring others to participate in this communion, and to commit ourselves with our whole being, in the Church and with many others, to work to bring about a world that is more just and more united." (from the General Chapter of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Lima, Peru, 2008.)

Society of the Sacred Heart at the UN Society of the Sacred Heart at the UN

This site supports the Society of the Sacred Heart's NGO office at the United Nations. We've built it in Drupal, making it multilingual. The site is manually translated into three languages: English, French, and Spanish. (We also provide a simple link to Google Translate's attempt to render the page in other languages). We've provided three separate URLs for the site so that users can go directly to the language that they prefer:

RSCJ International RSCJ International

The static HTML site we had helped the Sisters of the Sacred Heart build years earlier had grown to such a point that we began looking for an easier way to manage the content. The site is largely translated into three languages (French, Spanish, and English) and so each update was requiring much more effort than was necessary.