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tcktcktck is a global climate campaign of more that 280 partners worldwide, run by the Global Campaign for Climate Action.
TckTckTck: Beds Are Burning campaign

TckTckTck: Beds Are Burning campaign

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Our partners at TckTckTck have garnered some attention for the "Beds are Burning" video they released yesterday: "a re-mix of the mega-hit 'Beds are Burning', recorded by over 60 artists and celebrities, and re-written by Midnight Oil themselves to reflect the greatest humanitarian crisis facing humankind today - climate change."

From the Guardian:

Green Energy Economy (Financial Times ad) Green Energy Economy (Financial Times ad)

TckTckTck had a chance to put a full page, full-color ad on the back page of the Financial Times the day before UN climate talks began in New York and leading up to the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. We were able to work with them under tight time constraints to develop a visual for their message. See below for the text of the ad, encouraging the leaders that will be attending the talks to take advantage of the opportunity to lead the way towards a fair, ambitious and binding deal in Copenhagen.