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Nonprofit use of CiviCRM

CiviCRM is a powerful, web-based contact relationship management (CRM) system. It allows an organisation to record and manage information about the various people and other organizations it deals with. CiviCRM is more than just an address book, it also allows you to track your interactions with people and organizations and to get them to engage with, and potentially give money to, your organization through your website. The information you gather is all stored in one place but you can access it from almost anywhere.

CiviCRM focuses on the needs of nonprofits. Most business CRMs are focused on managing commerce; CiviCRM emphasizes communicating with individuals, community engagement, managing contributions, and administering memberships.

CiviCRM is open source, which means there are no license costs or user fees associated with downloading, installing or using the software. You may incur costs if you use a consultant to implement CiviCRM to meet your specific needs and you may incur website hosting charges.

CiviCRM is web-based, which means it can be accessed by many users at the same time from different locations. It has been developed with the international community in mind, and translations and multi-language options are supported.

The above (from the free Floss Manual) is a good introduction to CiviCRM. We're happy to discuss your organization's needs and whether CiviCRM could be a solution for you. It has six optional components for case management, fundraising, event registration, membership management, email blasts, and report generation. One of the huge benefits not mentioned above is the tight integration with Drupal (or Joomla).

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SproutCreekFarm.org SproutCreekFarm.org

Sprout Creek Farm is a functioning educational farm that produces award-winning artisan cheeses in addition to its educational programming. We've recently worked with them to streamline their website and the way they manage donations, registrations, cheese sales, and contact data. We tried to provide an on-ramp to the life of the Farm as much as possible via a short background video on the homepage as well as by featuring their incredible library photos in the background on interior pages.

CiviCRM support for DIYers

CiviCRM support for DIYers

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I had an email exchange recently with someone from a group that uses CiviCRM and she mentioned that she wished she didn't have to go to hire a consultant every time she had a question -- she is more of a "DIY" person... We are a nonprofit that serves other nonprofits, but our mission has an educational and empowering thrust. We are here to support as needed but we want you and your team to build skills and have the appropriate technology in place to do your work. In that vein, here are a few important resources for CiviCRM DIYers

Religious Formation Conference (RFC) Website Religious Formation Conference (RFC) Website

We recently helped the Religious Formation Conference redesign and relaunch their website. They wanted a fresh design more in keeping with their branding and which was more vibrant and engaging. The site offers more value to their members through the members only area and will streamline their internal office procedures at the same time. The site is built in Drupal and will be fully integrated with CiviCRM for member management and donations in the coming months.

Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR.org) Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR.org)

LCWR was ready to move from the static HTML site that had been developed in-house to something that was easier to navigate and manage, with a focus on conveying a beautiful, professional, and vibrant mood. We kept some aspects from the original design for consistency of identity (such as the color scheme) and updated and revised the structure and design.

Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org) Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org)

SOFIE (Schools Online For Interactive Education) is the website of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. It serves as an information point about the association of twenty-one Sacred Heart schools across the United States, including clickable maps and information about the schools, as well as frequently updated news and events.

Potential for eAdvocacy with CiviCRM: POPVOX

Potential for eAdvocacy with CiviCRM: POPVOX

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In doing some research for a potential project, I was exploring what kinds of eAdvocacy options were available to plug in to CiviCRM. Many of the big commercial eAdvocacy tools have big commercial price tags to go with them (and don't integrate directly with CiviCRM besides).


The African American Baptist Mission Collaboration seeks to help rebuild, revitalize and advocate for Haiti in wake of the January 2010 earthquake. Their site needed to reflect the style and colors of their logos, providing information about the three main prongs of their work: Projects, Service, and Advocacy. We built their site with Drupal, integrating it with CiviCRM so that all user interactions with the site (such as someone filling out the "Contact Us" form, making a donation, or signing up for a volunteer service opporunity) are fed into the CiviCRM database.

CEDC.org CEDC.org

We finally carved out the time to freshen the look and feel and rebuilt our site from the ground up.

We used Drupal for its extensibility and for the ability to cross-reference the type of design with the partner we worked with as well as any keywords we added for a design. Custom theming also allowed us to link the partner pages to a list of the other projects that we've worked on with them, and in the design pages, to automatically generate an image gallery based on the filepaths for graphics we've uploaded for the project.

Education For Justice Education For Justice

The Education For Justice project has an expansive membership-based website chock full of prepared resources related to Catholic Social Teaching for educators. In November of 2007 we helped them port their site over to Drupal from a proprietary CMS which was not user-friendly. Although they had great content, it was hard to organize it well in the restrictive and clunky system they were tied in to. Recently, we've given the site another major update.

CLINICLegal.org CLINICLegal.org

A site redesign and development in an open source CMS to make updating easier among the team of updaters, to make content more accessible to the public and to members, and to provide a more attractive face to the public. In addition, we helped them migrate from a variety of disparate systems towards a centralized CRM solution (CiviCRM) to manage memberships, events, donations and contact relationships.