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A number of the projects we've worked on are with partners that have some connection to the Catholic Church or Catholic Social Justice teachings. Below are some examples.

Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR.org) Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR.org)

LCWR was ready to move from the static HTML site that had been developed in-house to something that was easier to navigate and manage, with a focus on conveying a beautiful, professional, and vibrant mood. We kept some aspects from the original design for consistency of identity (such as the color scheme) and updated and revised the structure and design.

Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org) Network of Sacred Heart Schools (SOFIE.org)

SOFIE (Schools Online For Interactive Education) is the website of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. It serves as an information point about the association of twenty-one Sacred Heart schools across the United States, including clickable maps and information about the schools, as well as frequently updated news and events.

Society of the Sacred Heart at the UN Society of the Sacred Heart at the UN

This site supports the Society of the Sacred Heart's NGO office at the United Nations. We've built it in Drupal, making it multilingual. The site is manually translated into three languages: English, French, and Spanish. (We also provide a simple link to Google Translate's attempt to render the page in other languages). We've provided three separate URLs for the site so that users can go directly to the language that they prefer:

Nacms.org Nacms.org

The good folks at the North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS) contacted us to ask for advice and help as they considered redesigning their website. The site was an extensive collection of static HTML pages and they were contemplating how best to convert this into a more manageable and user-friendly form.

Education For Justice Education For Justice

The Education For Justice project has an expansive membership-based website chock full of prepared resources related to Catholic Social Teaching for educators. In November of 2007 we helped them port their site over to Drupal from a proprietary CMS which was not user-friendly. Although they had great content, it was hard to organize it well in the restrictive and clunky system they were tied in to. Recently, we've given the site another major update.

NCPD.org NCPD.org

The National Catholic Partnership on Disability's new site recently went live. We developed it in Drupal and trained NCPD staff so that they can manage the site themselves. We had input from folks in their offices and on their board regarding accessibility preferences and ended up building two separate themes, one which included graphics and one which was a stripped down "text only" version.

RSCJ International RSCJ International

The static HTML site we had helped the Sisters of the Sacred Heart build years earlier had grown to such a point that we began looking for an easier way to manage the content. The site is largely translated into three languages (French, Spanish, and English) and so each update was requiring much more effort than was necessary.

CLINICLegal.org CLINICLegal.org

A site redesign and development in an open source CMS to make updating easier among the team of updaters, to make content more accessible to the public and to members, and to provide a more attractive face to the public. In addition, we helped them migrate from a variety of disparate systems towards a centralized CRM solution (CiviCRM) to manage memberships, events, donations and contact relationships.

Bridges special edition Bridges special edition

With the success of the redesigned Bridges magazine, Bon Secour Spiritual Center wanted a special edition of the magazine to promote their fundraising campaign. The special edition includes: giving opportunities, information of how the funding will be used and drawings of the planned renovations for the center.

Bridges Magazine Bridges Magazine

In 2007, Bon Secours Spiritual Center came to CEDC in hopes of creating a more effective promotional tool out of their newsletter, Bridges, which at the time was designed in-house. CEDC redesigned the current look and created a smaller sized 6x9, 4-color magazine format for the new bi-yearly publication. The magazine includes informative articles, announcements and services offered by the center, as well as a detailed 8-month program calendar.

Faith Can Move Mountains: Vote the Common Good Faith Can Move Mountains: Vote the Common Good

Catholics in Alliance came to us with a theme and a typographic logo that they wanted to incorporate into the design for this non-partisan voter's guide to help educate voters for the 2008 presidential election. The theme was "Faith can move mountains: vote the common good," so we suggested a concept to visually link the two: a small, non-descript church in the middle of flat land, with a mountain looming in the distance where it had no business being. (The mountain is actually Denali/Mt. McKinley, the tallest peak on this continent.)


COC.org COC.org

The Center of Concern (COC) recently partnered with us to refresh their website both visually (with an updated look and feel) as well as underneath the hood (with a more powerful content management system).

COC Annual Report COC Annual Report

Center of Concern wanted to bring their new more youthful, organizational look to their annual report, a publication that CEDC has worked on for many years. With the new look in mind, CEDC changed up their normal layout, creating a horizontal based design, and used the “brushstroke” rough edge from their logo as a repeatable graphic element to help frame the page and bring in a bit of the movement felt in the logo.

Center Focus Center Focus

Center of Concern wanted to bring their new more youthful, organizational look to their newsletter Center Focus which in the past had been designed in-house. In keeping with the new look, CEDC designed a clean, bright, bold masthead that incorporated the rough “brushstroke” used on their logo. A clean 4-column grid layout was designed; and typography and color were kept consistent with the COC logo.


NCPD came to us with some specific components and colors that they wanted included in their logo and we worked closely with them as early drafts were produced and the concept became more concrete. In the end, a simple cross that evoked terms like bird, spirit, and arms was settled on to symbolize Catholic openness and inclusion.

Voting for the Common Good Voting for the Common Good

"Voting for the Common Good: A Practical Guide for Conscientious Catholics is an essential tool for Catholics who wish to vote their faith this November. It calls us to look beyond divisive politics to the fullness of our Church's teaching on a range of social issues - from poverty, war and torture to health care, immigration and the environment." (Pax Christi newsletter, November 2006)

This voter's guide was prepared in advance of the 2006 mid-term elections and 1,000,000 copies were printed for distribution across the country.