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PROJECT TYPE: Nonprofit Web Design | Drupal
OTHER TAGS: Mobile Friendly | CiviCRM

We finally carved out the time to freshen the look and feel and rebuilt our site from the ground up.

We used Drupal for its extensibility and for the ability to cross-reference the type of design with the partner we worked with as well as any keywords we added for a design. Custom theming also allowed us to link the partner pages to a list of the other projects that we've worked on with them, and in the design pages, to automatically generate an image gallery based on the filepaths for graphics we've uploaded for the project.

The site also allows any of us to add or edit content, which is important in a small shop like ours where we all wear many hats. This will allow us to keep the site current as we add recent projects as soon as they are completed or post blog entries on a variety of topics.

We chose a vivid pallette and themed around a variety of watercolor textures to embody the depth and diversity of our portfolio and partner list and we paid extra attention to some easy ways to increase our rankings and traffic from search engines (such as the tags and the search engine friendly URLs we gave to various pages).

The site was also updated in winter 2010 to serve a mobile-specific version of the site to handheld devices such as Android phones and iPhones for improved usability and communication when the user is on a much smaller display.

In early 2011 we upgraded to Drupal 7 and tweaked the design slightly, adding a few extra bells and whistles (such as the "Paralax effect" you can see along the edges on a wide screen display when you scroll up or down on a page).

We integrated CiviCRM into all of our forms to allow seamless collection of contact data into a variety of groups for followup, also allowing users to select on the same form at the same time whether they would like to sign up for our enewsletter.

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Mar 23, 2011